What's New At "The Center Of It All"
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What's New At "The Center Of It All"

Changing out events requires a Special Staff at Charleston Coliseum and Convention center - 11/24/19

The Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center make seamless transitions between events and host multiple events simultaneously.

Nancy young has helped Bring Big Name artists to the "Charleston Civic Center" - 11/15/19

Nancy Young is the facility's liaison with the promoters of big names such as Elvis, Elton John, Tina Turner and Faith Hill.

Functions at the Charleston Convention Center can now be seen in a whole new light- 11/7/19

The lighting inside has been transformed into a high-tech operation,which Convention crews can change on a dime no matter where they are.

Murder mystery dinners add air of intrigue at Charleston Convention center - 11/1/19

There’s a mystery going on at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

Rock Seats add cool factor to the Charleston coliseum and convention center- 9/26/19

Adam Krason, ZMM Architects & Engineers, reveals how elements in Convention Center reflect the State of WV.

The tasting Room gives groups a taste of what the Charleston convention center offers- 9/23/19

Groups can get a taste of the "Tasting Room"

Local Artist's Work showcased inside Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center- 9/13/19

A single drop by Barrie Kaufman can be found outside the newly renovated meeting rooms in the Convention Center.

Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center lights up the town- 9/06/19

Bob Kimball reveals with 2 million color change options, lights become a show-stopper at the venue.

State-of-the-art Kitchen Preparing for YMCA Spirit of Valley Luncheon - 8/23/19

Taking a look inside the Cadillac of kitchens at the Charleston Convention Center

ELK River Dock engages community with "SUP" Stand Up Paddle Board Event - 8/21/19
People will be standing up on the Elk River in Charleston Sunday

Harold Edwards uses Fibonacci Number system and hidden meanings in his art work - 8/15/19

The story behind Enamel on Wood includes a lot of numbers with hidden meanings

Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center Widens Security following Expansion- 7/26/19

When the facility expanded so did the need to get everyone safe.

Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center Finally Complete- 10/19/18

Ribbon cutting officially unveils the newly renovated facility.
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