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LEED® Silver Certified


Concerts, conventions, expos and meetings happen all over the country, but at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center (CCCC) we have adopted GREEN operating practices and use the latest GREEN technologies. Our mission is to create, implement and enforce policies that minimize our impact on the environment. Our commitment includes the use of safe-cleaning products, reduced water usage, energy efficient lighting, recycling and streamlining the management of our HVAC, lighting, power, elevators and escalators.

The CCCC received LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council on February 29, 2020. We are the largest public building in WV to be LEED certified. This achievement is significant for Charleston because it helps the city compete regionally with other convention centers: there is a real demand for LEED certified convention facilities nationwide.

Since our renovation the CCCC will use over 45% less water and save over 25% in energy costs - these things save taxpayer money and natural resources.

We are proud to be LEED® Silver Certified and invite you to experience our comprehensive sustainability plan supported by an eco-friendly design.


We Have Honey Bees

We are making a buzz in Charleston – literally. We have introduced the first urban beekeeping garden within the city limits of Charleston, WV. With help from Sugar Bottom Farms, we have added three beehives with more than 150,000 bees. In addition to the beehives, our beekeeping garden includes a Chef’s garden that features organic herbs and flowers.

We Take Green Seriously

Our food service department takes all food and biodegradable materials, puts them through a pulper, crushes it, and dehydrates it. This not only reduces the amount of trash that we send to the landfill by 80%, but it creates a rich compost that we use in our very own Chef’s garden. Food waste composting reduces waste disposal costs, conserves landfill space, and highlights the commitment that the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center is making to being green.

Certified & Committed

We are committed to conserving resources and actively participate in electric and water reduction programs. We continually strive to adopt greener practices and processes and are making a difference every day.

Recycling Program

Not only do we reuse and reduce – we recycle. As the largest entertainment venue in our state, our team is committed to these sustainable efforts. We recycle an average of 30,000 pounds of cardboard per year. We also use 100% green seal certified paper products in our facility restrooms.

Energy Management

Our design team worked together to create and meet energy efficiency goals through the use of enhanced building insulation, efficient building envelopes, high performance glazing, efficient lighting and mechanical equipment. Our impressive windows are made of clear, low-emission glass that reflects natural light and minimizes temperature fluctuations. Meeting rooms with exterior windows are equipped with system-controlled shades for heat management.

In addition to our new efficient HVAC systems, lighting and plumbing our systems were designed to ensure continued efficient operation. The new Energy Monitoring System and gives us the ability to display our efforts of sustainability to the public. Energy metering will have long-term data storage for analysis and trouble-shooting to help up make sure we are always being as energy efficient as possible.

Smart Lighting

Our state-of-the-art lighting control systems are smarter than ever and are programmed to take advantage of natural light. They do this by turning off automatically if a room is unoccupied to conserve energy. All of our new lighting is LED and large open spaces with expansive glass utilize daylight harvesting to reduce light energy consumption when daylight permits.

Water Efficiency

Because water is one of the planet’s most precious resources, we work to maximize its efficiency and minimize its impact on the local environment. Like most modern facilities, our bathroom fixtures are highly efficient to reduce the burden we place on water supply and wastewater systems. In addition to our low flow automatic fixtures and high efficiency dishwashers, our outdoor landscaping utilizes drought-tolerant plants and mulch to reduce the need for watering.

Green Cleaning

“Go Green and Create a Sustainable Healthy Environment” is a slogan that promotes the conservation of a healthy environment. The first aspect of going green is to promote the awareness of the importance of changing traditional cleaning chemicals and cleaning procedures for green certified products and guidelines. We inform the cleaning staff and clients of the benefits of going “Green” by introducing, presenting and training with green clean products, and their proper use. We clean our smoke-free facility with Green Seal certified products in order to limit harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) particulates in the air.


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