STYX 2023 World Tour
All Tickets May Be Purchased At The Box Office Located at 301 Clendenin St , Mon -Fri 10am -2pm

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STYX 2023 World Tour






General Doors: 6:30p.m. *
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
*Schedule subject to change.

Parking is available through Parkmobile Lots will fill up quickly, please plan accordingly.

No knives
No weapons of any kind
Please review our list of prohibited items prior to arrival.

The following purses/bags are permitted:
  • Clear purses/bags
  • Wristlets/clutches smaller than 8"x5"
  • Diaper bags
  • Medical bags
All other bags are prohibited. View full purse & bag policy


- Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment, Classic Hits 100.9 in Charleston and 102.3 in Huntington The Mix presents STYX. “Harmony. Chemistry. Balance. Grit. Dexterity. Determination. Solidarity. Terms that describe a Super Bowl champion? Well, almost. These are words that define the core essence of STYX, the multimegamillion-selling rock band that has forged an indelible legacy both on record and onstage.” - Mike Mettler.

About Styx:

A new era of hope, survival, and prosperity comes calling with the release of CRASH OF THE CROWN, STYX’s new studio album, which was written pre-pandemic and recorded during the trying times of the pandemic. The legendary and multi-Platinum rockers--James “JY” Young (lead vocals, guitars), Tommy Shaw (lead vocals, guitars), Chuck Panozzo (bass, vocals), Todd Sucherman (drums, percussion), Lawrence Gowan (lead vocals, keyboards) and Ricky Phillips (bass, guitar, vocals)--will release their 17th album June 18 on the band’s label, Alpha Dog 2T/UMe, which will be sold as clear vinyl, black vinyl, CD, and on digital platforms. Fans can pre-order it here and at The title track to CRASH OF THE CROWN is now available to stream and download with pre-orders on digital platforms. Fans can listen to the new song here.

STYX’s holy mission for cutting CRASH OF THE CROWN was crystal-clear to its co-creator from the get-go. “Absolutely no obstacles were going to get in the way of how we approached creating this album,” singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw concludes about the herculean recording efforts of his fellow COTC makers. “And everything came out exactly the way we wanted to hear it.”

CRASH OF THE CROWN is the follow-up to STYX’s 16th studio album, THE MISSION (their first in 14 years at the time, which critics called “a masterpiece”) which was released June 16, 2017 on the band’s label, Alpha Dog 2T/UMe. The highly anticipated two-disc reissue of THE MISSION was released on July 27, 2018 via Alpha Dog 2T/UMe, which includes a CD of the original album, as well as a Blu-ray of the album mixed in 5.1 surround sound accompanied by stunning visualizations for each of the album’s 14 songs based on the album artwork. It originally debuted on various Billboard charts, including: #6 Top Rock Albums, #11 Physical Albums, #11 Vinyl Albums, #13 Current Albums, #14 Billboard Top Albums, #16 Retail, #17 Mass Merch/Non-Traditional, #29 Digital Albums, and #45 Billboard 200 (includes catalog and streaming).

Most young musicians today have grown up assimilating a variety of musical influences, but it’s the way they take those seminal sounds and blaze their own unique creative path that determines their future. With one listen to Jet Black Roses, it’s obvious that band members Tyler Cates and brothers Trey and Andrew Bentley are fusing their roots to create an intoxicating new sound on their debut album Song of a Southern Man.
Often described as rock and roll with a country soul, Jet Black Roses combines the intensity of such rock legends as Tom Petty and Aerosmith with the storytelling sensibilities of country stalwarts like George Strait and Alan Jackson. “We want people to feel our music is familiar but also something new that they can use as the soundtrack for their lives,” Cates says.
“I want hearts to be mended, babies to be made and lives to be changed,” Trey Bentley interjects with a smile. “I want people to walk away and be like, ‘Damn! That song helped me move on or brought me back after I lost someone I loved.’ That’s what I like to hear. I like to hear, ‘Man, this music, these lyrics hit me in a different way.’ I want them to feel a little bit of that redemption.”
A passionate desire to entertain coupled with a mission to serve up substantive lyrics that leave an emotional mark is the foundation of Jet Black Roses’ artistry. Having penned all the songs on their debut album with input from their producer Greg Archilla, the band has forged an
identifiable sound. “I feel like we’ve captured that sound I’ve been chas- ing my whole life,” Andrew Bentley says, “and it’s because of these guys and the cosmic energy that has engulfed us.”
The desire to make music started early for each member of the band. Brothers Trey and Andrew Bentley grew up in a musical household in Redbud, GA. “Our parents write and sing and we just grew up around it,” Trey shares. “Our house was rich with music. From the time I was old enough to pick up a guitar—and I think it was the same with An- drew—I knew this is what I wanted to do.”
His brother Andrew eagerly agrees. “We always wrote songs together. The first songs we wrote definitely sucked,” he says with a laugh, “but we never stopped trying and honestly today it’s the continuation of that journey we began as children trying to write the best songs possible.”
Cates grew up in Raleigh, NC listening to his dad’s Jimi Hendrix, Earth, Wind & Fire and Isley Brothers records, and started playing guitar when he was 11. After studying music in college, he migrated to Atlanta where he built an impressive resume as a hip hop/R&B producer and session musician working with such acts as Ludacris, Nelly and Big Boi.
Mutual friends connected the Bentley brothers with Tyler when they were looking for a guitar player. “The first time we got together in re- hearsals, the energy was there and we started jamming and writing,” says Cates, who had been on tour opening for Matchbox Twenty and Counting Crows prior to joining Jet Black Roses.
“We’ve all been doing it forever and I honestly think music runs deep in our blood,” Trey says. “It just flourished when we met Tyler. Family is very important to us, and he is like family. Blood couldn’t make us any closer.”
“I’ve always been blessed to be playing with my brother,” Andrew
says, “and I’ve got another brother now. That’s a beautiful thing and I think it reflects in the music. It reflects in the sound, and I honestly feel like you can hear the love on the record. It’s been an insanely cool jour- ney so far and I just count myself blessed to be a part of it.”
Indeed, that camaraderie and musical chemistry infuse each song with a palpable energy. Together they’ve crafted an album that spotlights their taut musicianship and skill as insightful songwriters. The songs run the gamut from the funky energy of “Neon Halo” to the wistful nostalgia of “79 Trans Am.” “Our dad had a ’79 silver anniversary Trans Am,” Trey relates. “The first time I played it for my mom and dad, my dad was cry- ing, and he said, ‘Man, I feel like I am there again.’ Every person alive can relate to their first car, their first date, the date that they had with someone that became their forever person.”
“When you listen to that song, even if you didn’t have a ’79 Trans Am it’s like it puts you in the driver’s seat,” adds Andrew.
It’s the picturesque details that connect the listener to the lyric. “We pulled nostalgia from all of our youths,” Cates says. “Sweet tea and Southern Comfort is what we used to drink when we’d skip class in high school.”
“Before Our Song was Over” is a breezy ode to a failed relationship. “It’s a love song for the suckers, which is what I say in the second verse,” Trey says with a laugh. “It’s for the underdogs, for the ones that have had their heart broken and moved on and lived their life. The main thing we wanted to do with that one is give all those heartbroken people a chance to say

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